Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

When decorating for most other holidays, we do not think of nighttime as prime time for our displays. For full impact, they require the light of day. But this rule does not hold true for outdoor Christmas decorations.

Because Christmas is a holiday of lights, there is no time like the nighttime to go out for a drive and check out how other people are decorating. It also does not take much imagination to create a winter wonderland on your own property, especially if you have a snowy backdrop with which to work.

In the first few slides of this presentation, we will look at stellar examples of outdoor Christmas decorations that use lights. Later, we will move on to displays that some may prefer as being more “refined.” Along the way, prepare to be amazed by the myriad of opportunities that your yard presents you with for creative holiday decorating.

Crafted from lifelike cypress, pine, flocked holly leaves, red and green berries and shatter-proof ornaments, this urn filler radiates Holiday joy.

Set the holiday scene in an instant with a mixture of greenery that's amazingly full and realistic.

The Frontgate Christmas Cheer Greenery Collection overflows with sprays of Scotch and pistol pine, noble fir, pinecones and ruby red berries, pre-lit with long-burning lights.

This greenery radiates Holiday joy


Help Santa find his way with this elfin LED Christmas Direction Sign

As if crafted by his toymakers, this sign points the North Pole crew in the right direction, with “North Pole”, “Elf Station” and “Reindeer Stables” directional cues. LED lights ensure Santa and his team can find their way night or day.

Metallic tones transport you to another time and place

Lifelike foliage, berries and greenery adorns the wreaths, garlands and swags, each with shiny accents and warm white cordless LED lights.

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